Epcot’s Kitchen Kabaret Veggie, Veggie, Fruit Song of 1980’s

Veggie veggie fruit fruit …  If that means anything to you then you are one of the lucky ones who saw the fun musical “Kitchen Kabaret” in Epcot’s Land Pavilion when it first opened.  My kids grew up singing “veggie veggie fruit fruit, veggie veggie fruit fruit.” It’s one of those songs that stays in your head even when you’re back home after your Disney vacation.

Kitchen Kabaret Land Pavilion 1982 Epcot Walt Disney WorldWhen Epcot opened in 1982 there were many shows and attractions different than the Epcot of today.  I loved the originals like Horizons, Wonders of Life, Cranium Command, Kodak “Making Memories” preshow and, of course, the original Figment and Dreamfinder.

Kitchen Kabaret, hosted by Bonnie Appetite, was an audio animatronics musical comedy about healthy eating.  It even educated the audience on the four food groups (meat, dairy, grains and fruits/vegetables).  Of course, the educational value was well disguised with the singing food and catchy tunes.

Bonnie Appetite opened the show with “Meal Time Blues.”  Then the Kitchen Krackpots (containers of mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese, mustard, etc) join her in singing “Chase Those (Meal Time) Blues Away.”

Mr. Dairy Goods emerges from the refrigerator singing “The Stars of the Milky Way” followed by the Cereal Sisters singing “Boogie Woogie Bakery Boy.”

Hamm & Eggz take the stage with a vaudeville-style comic rendition of “The Meat Group Can Help You Keep Strong.”  And then, my personal favorite, “Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit” was performed by Colander Combo and the Fiesta Fruit.

Sound crazy?  Yes, it was!  But it was fun and very entertaining.  It was one of those little Disney treasures tucked away that a lot of people probably didn’t take time to do.  It was located in the area that is now used for the waiting line for Soarin’ on the bottom floor of the Land Pavilion.

Here’s a chance to reminisce or to see Kitchen Kabaret for the first time. See if you can watch and not sing “veggie veggie fruit fruit.” Bet you can’t!

(Video by MartinsVidsDotNet.  Hint: the show starts at 1:40 if you don’t want to see the walk into the show area.)










F. G. Mama

About the author…F. G. Mama, Katie McDill, has been in love with Walt Disney World since first entering the gates in 1976. After her two kids went off to college, she moved from Georgia to the backdoor of the Magic Kingdom in Florida. She worked several years at Walt Disney World performing as Fairy Godmother in day parades, the “Best of Disney” castle stage show, and the original Electric Light Parade. For the last ten years, she along with daughter and family, have enjoyed “living the dream” in Celebration (the town that Disney built) just across the bridge from Disney World. During this time she has collaborated with son-in-law Jimmy in several production projects including Orlando Attractions Magazine-The Show, The Mindy Mouse Show and FunaticsTV. Her other career included being a writer, artist/designer, special events creator and coordinator. Now she is enjoying the good life of Anna Maria Island, Celebration, Disney World and, of course, sharing magic at FUNaticsTV!

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